WindowsHire MyAdmin is dedicated to providing you with premium managed services for hosting and server management for Windows systems. We are available 24/7 to assist you in Windows server monitoring, server hardening, server migration, and hosting

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We offer Windows server administration, outsourced server management services, Windows server hardening and security services and round-the-clock helpdesk support for all your concerns. Our services are suitable for big as well as small businesses, ISPs, etc.


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Multiple Server management

Multiple Server management services for Windows system

As your business grows, managing the Windows systems in your IT infrastructure will become laborious and hectic. That is where we come in. Our expert admins can help you with the management of your Windows server systems. The benefits of our services are:

  • Server hardening
  • Security audits, patches and updates
  • Hyper-V installation and configuration
  • Recovery and backup

Windows Management Services

Keeping your servers running continuously without any downtime is really crucial for your business. We understand these concerns and our professional server management services provide a comprehensive solution for your IT systems. Managing the servers by yourself is a time-consuming job so it is better you leave that to our highly qualified team of IT engineers and specialists

Conducting Regular Security Audits

Regular security audits to track and review important server activities

  • Monitoring network ports
  • rkhunter and chkrootkit scan
  • Checking server resources

Installation and Setup of Hyper-V

Microsoft Hyper-V lets you create and run several virtualized environments

  • Hyper-V Installation
  • Virtualized environment Setup
  • Customized Hyper-V configuration

Installation of Services

Services like AD, DNS, DGCP, and Group policy are installed

  • AD DS to locate domain controllers
  • DNS configuration
  • DGCP and Group policies Setup

Server Hardening and Patch Updates

Server hardening strengthens the components, functions, and permissions of the server

  • Timely patch updates
  • SSH securing, FTP, TMP and PHP hardening

Files and Shared Drive management

Extensive management services for files and shared drives

  • Access control for files & shared network drive
  • Permissions and user roles provision
  • Removal of users

Backup and Recovery

Server data backup and recovery service to safeguard your system

  • Automatic backup scheduling
  • Internal or external data storage Options
  •  Data recovery for data loss

Disk Management

System utility in Windows by which advanced storage operations are performed

  • Managing disk space and partitions
  • Improving disk utilization and performance
  • Recovery partition for system troubleshooting

Firewall and Rules Configuration

Firewall filters incoming and outgoing network traffic based on set protocols

  • Configuring IP addresses
  • Securing firewall and network
  • Domain name Configuration

Key Benefits

We provide complete server management features for your Windows system at affordable pricing plans. Offering you an array of benefits, our aim is to provide the best of quality service at the most reasonable price. With our robust support, you will never face any issues. Some of the Key benefits of our services include

24/7 support
Service level agreement
Security audits and regular updates
Server Hardening
Shared drive and files management
Firewall management
Data backup and recovery services
Disk storage function
Why Hire myadmin?

Why Hire myadmin?

Get professional server management services from us at cost-effective plans. We have highly skilled and certified IT engineers and specialists to provide the best services. Our 24 x 7 active customer and technical support team is available to clear all your queries instantly without any waiting time. Increase your revenue and business productivity with Hire myadmin

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