DNS Server ConfigurationDomain Name System (DNS) configuration resolves domain names into particular IP addresses for different web hosts to help users access websites easily. HireMyAdmin specializes in providing DNS server configuration and setup services, completely managed by our experts

DNS Server Configuration
DNS Server Setup
DNS Configuration
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We set up, configure, and manage your DNS servers, taking care of all the prerequisites, and necessary modifications later. Get dedicated administration services for all your DNS zones, domain names, and ISPs for any OS of DNS servers like Linux, Windows, etc.


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DNS Configuration Services

DNS Configuration Services

We provide the best and most cost-effective DNS configuration support service. We prepare customized plans for DNS server setup based on the analysis of customer requirements and future improvements. With our DNS configuration service, we ensure your DNS servers are super-responsive, operate at rapid speed, and deliver 100% uptime even in case of huge user traffic, without compromising on data security

  • Zero Downtime
  • Advanced Network Security
  • High Server Availability
  • Increased Performance

DNS Server Configurations Services

Are you hosting or an internet service provider and are looking for the best-outsourced DNS server management and administration solution? Choose our DNS configuration services at affordable prices. We provide server installation, configuration, and maintenance by controlling and administrating forward and reverse DNS lookup and adding subnets. We make your DNS servers work better and without any network security issues

DNS Server Installation

We set up and deploy ISP administered DNS servers

  • Install DNS servers
  • Configure DNS servers
  • Remote Monitoring of DNS servers

Configuration of DNS Server

We provide configuration services as per your business needs

  • DNS resolving
  • Set up Primary and Secondary DNS
  • Configure Primary and Secondary DNS

Forward DNS and Reverse DNS Setup
Create and set up forward and reverse DNS zones 

  • Reverse DNS Lookup
  • Forward DNS zone 
  • Fully Configured IP address

Firewall Security
Fully-managed DNS lookup features high-end network security for DNS servers

  • Data Safety
  • DDoS Protection 
  • Block Cyber-attack Threat

Adding Subnets

Experience uninterrupted data flow with added subnets for your DNS servers

  • Improved Network Performance and Speed
  • Avoid Unnecessary Routing
  • Allocate IP Addresses 

Key Benefits

We provide DNS resolving services to ensure your DNS servers run with 100% uptime. Our DNS server support team assists you in configuring the DNS server for your domain efficiently. We offer customized configurations, advanced network security, maximum availability, and zero delivery failure for your domains

Zero Downtime
High-end DNS Solutions
Increased Availability
Network Security
Data Centralization
Efficient Data Management
Data Accessibility
Network Maintenance
Why Hire myadmin?

Why Hire myadmin?

Our professional and experienced DNS configuration support team is available 24/7 via live chat, phone, or email to provide reliable services and assistance in resolving the issues related to DNS configuration. The team strives to bring back the optimized conditions of your servers. When you’re facing after-configuration problems, connect with us and stay worry-free

DNS Server Configurations Services
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