Email Server ConfigurationsEmail server configuration is now easy with Hire MyAdmin. Send and fetch emails faster with your very own mail server. Connect and share in better and safer ways within your organizations and with your clients

Email Server Configurations
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Email server configuration and installation
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Business-based deployment

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We will help you choose servers and components that will fit right with your business email functions and are budget-friendly. The server setup and configuration are handled by our experienced engineers who will make sure that the process and end results are seamless

Email Server Configurations

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We manage all IT needs

We manage all IT needs

At Hire MyAdmin not only do we provide server configurations but we also offer services that will improve and modernize your IT infrastructure. Virtualize securely with shared and dedicated hosting, discover cPanel, CentOS, and other hosting platforms. Improver server performance and security through server optimization and hardening. Enhance workflow and security through our management and auditing services

  • 24×7 monitoring
  • Improved security
  • Enhanced performance
  • Unmatched prices

Email Server Configuration Services

Does your data center occupy dedicated email servers that require configuration to run your business operations smoothly? With Hire myadmin’s managed email server configuration service, you can achieve great professional and business communications. Choose our reliable, fast, and efficient server configuration solutions that include email deployment to simplify sending emails based on automated schedules. We provide spam filters’ configuration to customize the anti-spam actions that detect the spam and block them to protect email servers.

Email Solution Deployment
Using our deployment strategy solutions, you can focus more on business productivity instead of maintaining the servers

  • CRM integration & email poilicies
  • Efficient server configuration solutions
  • Automatic schedules for emails

Spam Filter Configuration

Our team can change the actions to identify spam by spam filters to configure the end-user spam notifications

  • spam filters configuration
  • Advanced spam filtering options provided
  • Anti-spam software

Setup of DKIM and SPF Records

The SPF and DKIM records setup helps to protect the business against spoofing, email spamming, and phishing attacks

  • SPF configuration method 
  • Authentication of email servers
  • Attachment of Domain Key signature

DNS Management

The DNS management for email servers  can safeguard devices from spamming based on the DNS protocols

  • Safeguard devices from spamming
  • Spam blocking from known sources
  • Email delivery online correspondence

Firewall Protection

We provide firewalls that ensure network security by filtering out the incoming and outgoing email server messages

  • Device access control
  • Spam and phishing protection
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

Key Benefits

Share, send and receive mail, notifications and do much more with your email servers. Attach links and perform administrative actions easily through emails. Hire MyAdmin will assist you every step of the way from the choice of server,  installation, and setup to management. Get a seamless and safe server experience with all resources and server settings configured through Hire MyAdmin

Configuration of all resources
Firewall installations
Configuring IPs and passwords
Email profiles
Port configurations
Setting up email types
Data backup and restoration
Server monitoring
Why Hire myadmin?

Why Hire myadmin?

Need to pick the right server good enough for your mailing requirements? Get in touch with us today and connect to a professional. We are available 24×7 through live chat, phone and mail. Pay for the features you use and upgrade anytime. Give your IT a boost of fresh energy with Hire MyAdmin and improve workflow and efficiency

Email Server Configurations Services
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