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Proxmox is a free virtualization solution that is customizable to serve as an important platform for virtual machines and containers by supporting KVM and LXC. It provides a central user interface to manage VMs, containers, and also networks, and storage


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Running short on staff and resources to handle your virtualization needs? Allow us to give you a helping hand. At Hire Myadmin, the setup and configuration of Proxmox and related services and support will be handled by our experienced team of engineers. Leave the customization and management to us and gain momentum in your work while having complete root access to it

  • 30-day Free Trial
  • Free Expert Consultation
  • Customer Dedicated Support
  • Business-based Approach

Proxmox Services

Virtualize your servers using the Proxmox hypervisor solution which provides a faster and better virtualization environment for easy VM management. It is an open code and Debian GNU/ Linux-based tool that uses the Linux kernel. Improve your VM performance and networking with the high reliability and security of Proxmox. We can help you set up its centralized management to manage resources efficiently

Installation Of Proxmox VE

Complete assistance and expert support during the entire process

  • Download, installation, and set up
  • Proxmox MacOS and VE handling
  • Instant provisioning on various devices 

Creation and Monitoring of VMs

A business-based solution to optimize IT infrastructure 

  • Setup and configuration 
  • VM creation and deployment
  • Monitoring and analysis

Resource Management

Configuration of CPUs, storage, memory, RAID security, and other resources

  • Customization of all server resources
  • Storage and memory monitoring 
  • Regular analysis and upgrades

Backup Solution and Configuration

We provide reliable backup plans and emergency support

  • Physical and virtual storage
  • Multiple backup options
  • Regular backups and recovery support

VM Migrations and Restorations

Data migration varies with compatibility and automated tool availability

  • Migration at convenience 
  • No data loss or leaks
  • Strict privacy policies and confidentiality

Security Audits and Patch Updates

Regular checks and server analysis to fix vulnerabilities

  • Server analysis and reports
  • Fixing kernel patches
  • Software and application updates

Key Benefits

Set up a large number of clusters and VMs with Proxmox and manage all your virtual data using a single interface. Establish central simplified web-based management with an integrated GUI to direct all your tasks. Proxmox VE also provides a customizable firewall to protect your VMs and containers. Set up firewall macros, IP addresses, and security for all hosts

VM and cluster customization
Monitoring and maintenance of VMs
Backup and recovery
Configuration of role-based permission
Multiple storage points
Firewall setup and monitoring
Server and hardware management
24X7 technical support
Why hire my admin

Why Hire myadmin?

We will help you optimize your IT infrastructure to help your VM-based workflow and IT efficiency. At Hiremyadmin, you can choose the Proxmox service features centered around your operations and explore them using our free-trial period before the purchase. When you see that we deliver what we promise you can go ahead and pay for the features you require and upgrade later anytime

Proxmox Services
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