Plesk MigrationMigrate server and resources securely through a better transfer tool, Plesk Migrator. Plesk Migration is a reliable and secure way to obtain data from domains, hosting sources, etc to upgrade to a new control panel or Plesk.

Plesk Migration
Installation and Setup
Data Migration
Plesk Configuration
Server Monitoring
Server security hardening
Customer dedicated support

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Need an efficient way to migrate without any data loss and expert help? We are here to set it all up with Plesk Migration and Management. Hire MyAdmin assigned certified experts to handle the data migration support along with managing Plesk.

Plesk Migration

Account to account Migration
Platform to Platform Migration
Data Re sync after Migration
Database Migration

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Phone Support

Maximize Server Performance

Maximize Server Performance

The pre and post-migration checks are done to identify any errors and failures. Plesk Migrator offers pre and post-check features that allow you to re-sync the data between your old and new server. We also optimize your server performance by 24×7 monitoring, fixing security and kernel patches, server optimization, and other services included in our affordable plans. 

  • Plesk Security and hardening
  • Optimization to improve performance
  • 24X7 monitoring and support
  • Disaster recovery and support

Plesk Migration Services

Migrate to Plesk from your previous panel or upgrade to a new version of Plesk with Hire MyAdmin. Plesk can be used to migrate services and hosting data-related domains, subscriptions, websites, files and databases, and all such accounts to your target source. upgrade to the latest version by transfer with minimal downtime while the website stays online during transfer.

Data migration or website data migration

Import your website data from different hosting services to Plesk 

  • Domain migration and IP mapping
  • Configuration for Windows/Linux 
  • Configuring SSH and FTP

Emails migration

Easy migration from third-party services or other control panels 

  • Importing all IMAP and customer data
  • Mailbox configuration
  • Configuring role-based access

Database migration

With Plesk migrate your databases and storage system with minimized downtime

  • Authorize use/role-based access
  • Optimization of Plesk MYSQL
  • Securing and migrating logs

Key Benefits

Plesk allows quick transfer of databases, mail, cPanels, etc. Plesk improves data backup time, reduces manual operations, and automates data migration through Plesk Extension. Then, automatic IP mapping re-assigns the domains during migration to ensure that the domains are operational on the other end. We make sure that your Plesk migration is quick, done carefully, and causes no interruptions or data loss. 

Data loss prevention
Minimize latency
Improved performance
Resolving bottleneck issues
Backup and recovery
Regular updates
Firewall optimization
24X7 customer supports
Why hire my admin

Why Hire myadmin?

We provide around-the-clock customer support throughout the year so that you can reach out to us anytime. Issues big or small, we are always happy to help. We strive to provide you with the best service to help improve your productivity and security for your business to thrive. Upgrade at your convenience and try our service before purchase. 

Plesk Migration Services
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