WHMCSWHMCS is a complete solution for web-hosting businesses that can be integrated as a client management panel into their websites. Hiremyadmin provides a simplified and efficient WHMCS setup that would be helpful for web-hosting providers to provide hosting services for their clients.

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Order management
Billing management
Security management
Control Panel Integration

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Hire myadmin has an expert hosting team, who set up and configure WHMCS that integrates with our numerous web-hosting servers and applications. We make your customer-on boarding simple and save time by automatically provisioning the hosting accounts on the web servers


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WHMCS Hosting Services

WHMCS Hosting Services

At Hire myadmin, the WHMCS setup and configuration services are provided by our experienced professionals to ensure that the businesses can take the benefits like automation and integration capabilities. You can easily run your web hosting business without any hassles with our WHMCS billing and automation platform. Our management and development team ensures a smooth setup and provide dedicated hosting accounts

  • Fully automated cPanel hosting
  • Easier access to reports and resources for customers
  • Automatic Suspension and Reactivation
  • Setup and Configure Payment Gateways

WHMCS Services

With the help of WHMCS, you can manage all your billing processes with an automated billing system. You get security alerts from time to time. Hire myadmin is completely focused and dedicated to providing you with the best user experience. With us, have your issues resolved within minutes. We provide support services 24/7 to all your clients. We configure your WHMCS with the various tools available at the WHMCS marketplace so you can enjoy the benefits of fully automated management of your products and services.

Installation and configuration

You can start using WHMCS immediately with our installation and configuration services

  • Installation of the latest stable version of WHMCS
  • Add on security by WHMCS
  • Installation of WHMCS software in the root directory or any subfolder

Integration of WHMCS with Servers

Do you want to integrate your server with the WHMCS? We can assist you

  • Creation of a WHMCS template for Word press website
  • Creation of a WHMCS template for Drupal website
  • Creation of a WHMCS template for Joomla website

Migration and Upgradation

We develop bespoke tools and utilities to ensure that WHMCS migration, including account migration, goes smoothly

  • Supports more than 200 native integrations
  • Automation features in various server control panels
  •  Schedule data migration

Setup of a WHMCS Domain Registrar

Hire my admin helps to setup WHMCS domain registrar which is simple process which helps to increase your return

  • Configuration of domain registrar setting
  • Domain name spinning service

Fully Automated Management

Get splendid user experience with an automated billing system, security alerts, and 24/7 support services

  • Automated suspensions
  • Automated provisioning
  • Setting up recurring billing

WHMCS Security & Customization

We provide WHMCS setup with the latest software management and security tools, with regular automated security alerts

  • SSL Certificates
  • Keeping Writable Directories Safe
  • Database Privileges Restrictions

Key Benefits

We offer simplified and secured WHMCS setup and configuration services to support your hosting businesses. Our certified specialists are proficient in managing the web-hosting servers, setting up WHMCS accounts, integrated disk and bandwidth usage for optimization of business operations, and more. We provide multiple WHMCS plans at reasonable prices and choose the required one as per your business needs

Automatic cPanel account creation
Unified hosting experience
WHM plugins installation
WHMCS server monitoring
Performance tuning
Firewall configuration
Customized hosting
Automated upgrades
Why Hire myadmin?

Why Hire myadmin?

Get access to Hire myadmin’s WHMCS installation services for the smooth running of hosting businesses. Our experts will perform WHMCS setup and configure everything that you need. We provide user-friendly and accessible server platforms to host your websites according to your requirements. Our dedicated team offers WHMCS server upgrades, server hardening, backup management of WHCMs, integration tools, data migrations, domain registrations, etc

WHMCS Services
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