Hyper-vIf you’re looking for a Hyper-V hosting provider, choose Hire myadmin’s service offerings that comprise comprehensive benefits of hosting including setting up VMs with Hyper-V, monitoring, and managing servers, and customized services as per your business needs

Installation, Support & Maintenance
Hyper-V Server Administration
Server Monitoring
White-label End-user Support
Server Hardening
Hyper-V Security

Managed ServicesHosting | Server

We provide dedicated hosting assistance for the smooth running of your Hyper-V infrastructure and applications. We provide a range of services, from fully managed to expert solutions with integrated features. You can experience hassle-free hosting with a zero-risk environment that allows managing data effortlessly


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Support, maintenance and installation
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Hyper-V security
Hyper-V end-user support

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Hyper-V Hosting Support and Services

Hyper-V Hosting Support and Services

Hire myadmin’s Hyper-V hosting program helps enterprises to build an effective virtualization environment within a low budget. It provides benefits like accelerated application performance, 100% data backup, lower bandwidth consumption, assured uptime, and migration support. It could be useful for many projects like website designing, software development or DNS management with high data security and availability

  • Full root access and administration
  • Get access to scalable resources
  • VPS management
  • Hyper-V server log monitoring

Hyper-V Services

Want to increase business efficiency with unique hosting services within restricted budget? Then opt for Hire myadmin’s Hyper-V server hosting management platform that is a cost-effective solution allowing easy deployment and configuration of Hyper-V into your IT environment. Our specialized hosting and management services comprise installation and migration services for Hyper-V virtualization softwares, backup and data recovery, end-user support, Hyper-V security, and improved application performance

Installation of Windows Datacenter OS

We install, configure and manage your Windows Datacenter completely

  • Hyper-V Software Installation and Upgrades
  • Create and Manage VM templates
  • Maintain and Monitor Hyper-V Servers

Template Backups and VM Restoration

We schedule and perform data backups and recovery regularly

  • Data Security Alerts for VMs
  • Backups and Disaster Recovery
  • Detection and Blocking of threats and Spam

Virtual Switch Configuration

We configure the Hyper-V virtual switch to connect the virtual machines

  • Resource Tracking
  • Network Traffic Monitoring 
  • Tracking and Monitoring Events and Data Packets

VM Installations and Migrations

We offer customized installations and migrations for Hyper-V VMs

  • Server Setup and Configuration
  • Efficient Data Handling 
  • Monitoring Hyper-V Servers

100% Genuine Services

Cost-effective and genuine hosting services for Hyper-V servers

  • Dedicated Hyper-V Hosting
  • Function Configuration 
  • 24/7 Expert Hosting Assistance

End-user support for Hyper-V

Industry-leading support for hosting providers and their end-users

  • White-label Support
  • Data Security Audits 
  • Improved System Performance

Key Benefits

Hire myadmin’s managed Hyper-V hosting services allow you to establish a reliable and secure Hyper-V virtual server environment based on Hyper-V and Windows configuration. We provide dedicated hosting support that includes installation of server upgrades, adding websites, restoring databases, and free technical assistance. Our hosting will add credibility to your business by handling your domains, websites, or email addresses

Website availability and performance
Save licensing costs
99.99% uptime
Hassle-free operation
Complete hosting for Hyper-V Servers
Customer satisfaction
Data security
Integrated Control Panel
Why hire my admin

Why Hire myadmin?

We have a team of professionals and technical engineers who constantly monitor and manage your Hyper-V Servers to make sure that they operate at optimal conditions. We provide free deployment Hyper-V servers with Windows OS configuration services for your data center, software updates and server migrations, SSL installation, database recovery, security auditing, and IP blacklisting among many others

Hyper-V Services
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