VPS / Virtual Servers ManagementFind comprehensive and performance-enhancing virtual server management solutions at Hire MyAdmin. With VPS management, you can track and monitor inventories and resources like memory, CPU, and network usage and look out for threats, troubleshoot issues, and virtual environments

VPS / Virtual Servers Management
Complete VPS Management
Resources Management
Software Configuration
24X7 Server Monitoring
Security Protocols
Expert Backup & Recovery

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Along with managing and making virtualization easy and secure for operations, we also have expertise in data migrations, server and storage configurations, server hardening and auditing, network configurations, IT development, cPanel management, software installation, and other IT services

Steadfast virtual server management

Steadfast Virtual Server Management

Hire MyAdmin service plans are directed to improve performance, flexibility, and control over your server and its management. We’ll help with server optimization and fine-tuning for better performance, fix bottlenecks, patch firewall and kernels, and also provide backup and recovery.  Our experienced and dedicated team is entrusted with all the tasks, upgrades, and monitoring

  • Unlimited tickets
  • Regular upgrades and analysis
  • Firewall and other security management
  • Disaster recovery and emergency support

VPS / Virtual Servers Management Services

Hire MyAdmin makes web server virtualization easy, fast, and secure at genuine prices compared to the other vendors. We have certified engineers to configure your virtual servers flexibly and optimize their performance. Choose suitable processors, RAM, storage, and control panels with complete root access to your VPS that align with your business. We assist in managing virtual servers and boosting IT performance

Configuration and Management

Configured from scratch using personalized resources and dedicated management 

  • Instant provisioning
  • Complete root access
  • Server and database management

Resource Management

We provide a complete construct of required resources and manage them

  • Managing drives, RAM, and cPanels
  • Deploying and managing virtualization software
  • Installation of: plugins, firewall, kernels

Management of Firewalls and Ports

We will safeguard your server with all necessary security installations

  • Installation & monitoring of firewalls
  • Configuration of network ports 
  • Reporting network traffic & open ports

Need-based Solution Deployment

Pay for the features you employ and upgrade when required

  • Business-based solutions & configurations  
  • Management of IT resources
  • Analysis & performance-enhancing solutions 

Database and IP Configuration

Keep a seamless track of data and secure network traffic

  • Manage better with configured databases
  • Operate on secure IP addresses.
  • Get Dedicated IPs and domains

Backup and Restoration Options

Retrieve data effortlessly in case of emergencies or failures

  • Regular and automated backups
  • Virtual and physical backup choices 
  • Restoration of databases and settings

Server Optimization

Improve overall VPS performance and data processing efficiency through Optimization

  • Server & Network virtualization
  • Optimizing databases and tables
  • Installation of firewalls & security updates

Custom Configuration of Network

Experience heightened performance through the precise configuration of drives and networks

  • Simple, efficiently accessible virtual network 
  • Scalable storage and storage facility
  • Competent RAID & I/O options

Trusted Host Access Configuration

Securing your network and configuring authorization settings

  • Creation of direct IP-based logins 
  • Tracing & logging of IP addresses 
  • Authorizing logins & access management

Key Benefits

We understand that every organization differs in its operations and so do their virtual server requirements. That’s why, at Hire MyAdmin, we offer consultation to learn your requirements better and offer VPS management plans that would be highly suitable for your particular business. This helps you to pay for features you use and upgrade at any time, and save your time and budget

Improved server uptime
Scheduled backup and maintenance
Hardened server security
Quick software and application upgrades
Performance tuning and monitoring
Website management
Server optimization
24x7 technical support

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you always have the option to upgrade your VPS hosting plan’s storage capacity. Let our technical team know the specifications you want and they will upgrade your plan. 

To suit your business needs and make the most of your VPS plan, you can install any of the software that you want in your hosting package. For more information or help, contact us. 

Yes, to ease out your work with hosting and start your website immediately, you can install a control panel supported by the plan. Besides, you can control the backend of your website efficiently.

We will assist you anytime through 24/7 chat, or phone line as per your convenience. You can use the contact details provided on our website. You will get a prompt response from our team.

Yes, we offer different ways to back up your VPS. With some clicks, we can back it up on another server, or on the cloud. Automatic backups can also be scheduled.

How can we help you?

Feel free to contact us with any queries you may have. Our expert team is available to help you round the clock

Why hire my admin

Why Hire myadmin?

We treat the client requests with utmost care and detail, that’s why we are all ears anytime to handle all your server and IT support. Keep your business up and running with the latest technology and software upgrades. We aspire to provide regular and dependable VPS management service and optimize your business to a large extent

VPS / Virtual Servers Services
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