Virtual Desktop Infrastructure/Remote Desktop ProtocolExperience better performance, improve productivity, and connect your desktops securely over the network through VDI/RDP. We will help you set up and manage your desktop virtually and help you find solutions to improve the infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Virtualization and VM creation
Server monitoring and support
Data migration
Dedicated and shared hosting
Storage drives configuration
Datacenter management

Managed ServicesHosting | Server

Hire MyAdmin is a premium IT services provider that consistently delivers and prioritizes clients' benefits to give the best service for your business. Driven by an experienced panel of experts Hire MyAdmin offers services like hosting, management, physical and virtual server configurations, and many more

Smoother User Experience

Smoother User Experience

Stay ahead in productivity, performance, and security with Hire MyAdmin proactive solutions that are tailored around business and its operations. Whether you’re a startup, growing entrepreneur or an expanding enterprise we have the capability to meet your IT needs and help you improve it. We will help you continue your business with much reliable and dedicated services

  • Chargeless consultation
  • Monitoring and support
  • Analysis and recommendations
  • Strict confidentiality NDA

VDI / RDP Services

Now set your desktops and VMs over a network and remotely access from any location or device in a matter of minutes with Hire MyAdmin. Remotely access operating systems, rum and store Oses workloads and applications in a VM, and get user access through RDP. Establish and deploy virtualization through a centralized network, update through VDI and operate safely through encrypted RDP

Server Configuration and Resource Management

Have your desktop configured with the desktop software of choice

  • Storage, RAM, CPUs, RAID configuration
  •  Firewall, antivirus installation, and management 
  •  Performance monitoring

IP-based Logins and Trusted Host Access Configuration

Register IPs and trusted users who can connect and access

  • Assigned logins for the secure login process 
  • Customize host access database 
  • Safely connect and track users

Need-based Solution Deployment

Expert advice for any kind of business, from SMBs to enterprises

  • Plans centered around your applications
  • Change features and upgrade easily 
  • Flexible payment for required services

Database Configuration and Installation

Simple database management with data security

  • Database configuration and installation 
  • Customization of primary and standard databases 
  • Secure and track assets, transfers

Custom Configuration of Network and Storage drives

Work seamlessly with customized storage drives and secure networks

  • Clustering and central network establishment
  • Deployment of network applications and ports
  • All storage devices are configured

Server Optimization, Data Backup, and Restoration

Enhance performance and workflow efficiency through  server optimization 

  • Virtualization process  and software deployments
  • Scheduled backup sessions 
  • Disaster recovery settings and assistance

Role and User Configuration

Assign role- and user-based access

  • Configure database and user settings 
  • User and role-based authentication 
  • Strengthen data security

Managing Firewall and Ports

Immunize your VMs and prevent attempted hacks and malware

  • Deployment and monitoring of firewalls 
  • Patch management
  • Configuring and managing ports

Internet Protocol for VDI and RDP

VMware, Windows, Citrix HDX, and other protocols to choose from

  • Configure  multi-user RDP IPs
  • Strong password policy
  • Trackable IPs and logins

Key Benefits

Easily deploy virtual machines and devices through local or cloud centralization and remotely access them. The connection through VDI to your central servers allows constant connectivity and access. Customize with the operating system and hypervisor of your choice to manage your resources efficiently or let us handle it for you. Get instant upgrades, installations and secure backup and recovery options

Application deployment
Virtualization and migration
Managing of VMs
Server hardening
Firewall management
Disaster recovery
Cost optimization

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts will install and configure a database of your choice on your VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). You can provide details about how you want to customize it, our team will execute it accordingly.

We configure and set up multi-user RDP IPs. We enable a tracking system and strong password policy for end-to-end security. It helps encrypt sessions and avoid any vulnerability in the remote desktop sessions.

You can consult us anytime, without any hesitation. We do not charge you for consultation. Our team of experts will always help you out with your requests, with minimal response time.

You can achieve desktop virtualization with VDI/RDP. It facilitates centralized, simplified management. It also enables better disaster recovery, increased flexibility, and productivity, and decreased security risks for smooth business operations.

Our VDI/RDP solution comes with a disaster recovery option for enhanced security. It copies the workloads offsite so that you can recover and access your data if lost due to a disaster. 


How can we help you?

Feel free to contact us with any queries you may have. Our expert team is available to help you round the clock

Why Hire myadmin?

Why Hire myadmin?

We plan the customization and implement the plans according to your business and around your budget. With the flexibility we offer, you can keep altering the services to meet your project requirements and pay accordingly. Let us give you a helping hand in managing and monitoring your assets to offer solutions that improve your IT infrastructure

VDI / RDP Services
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