Server Hardening/AuditServer Hardening entails improving server security at hardware, software and firmware layers. It involves securing and customizing ports, scanning OSs and applications, fixing security patches, installing firewalls and other necessary fixes to control security threats

Server Hardening/Audit
Security Audit
SSL Hardening
Firewall Setup
Security Patch Updates
Rootkit Installation
Scanning and Monitoring

Managed ServicesHosting | Server

Now that most of the sensitive information is digitalized, the security should be tight and unsusceptible to hacking and viruses. Our server hardening process will offer foolproof protection against malicious attacks and strengthen your IT security

Strengthen Security with Server Hardening

Strengthen Security with Server Hardening

It’s absolutely crucial to not leave your server vulnerable to inconspicuous activities online in this data-oriented world. Hire MyAdmin analyzes your server and network for patches that need fixing and implements required application software, covers SSL patches, hardens  FTP and PHP settings, installs and upgrades firewalls etc., and takes all necessary action steps to enhance overall safety

  • Thorough Analysis and Reports
  • Installation of Rootkits and Malware
  • Scanning and Checking Network Ports
  • Strong Password and Role-based Privilege Enforcement

Server Hardening/Audit Services

Server Hardening includes patching and covering the easily accessible security loopholes and bracing security. Our strategies include regular sweeps for bugs, viruses, and hacker software, web and application hardening, the configuration of PHP, SSH, and FTP settings to monitor your servers better and have control over IP and network traffic flowing in and around your business network

Web and Application Server Hardening

Strengthen your web and application servers through Hire myadmin’s successful strategies

  • Software Application Installation & Configuration
  • Permission Fixes, FTP & PHP Hardening
  • Firewalls, Antivirus and Spy Protection

Configuring Applications with Custom Ports
Assigning customized ports to applications for performance optimization

  • Port Identification and Tracking 
  • Network Traffic Maintenance and Documentation  
  • Software Security Configuration and Upgrades

Executing IP-based Access Restrictions

Reliable security protocols from Hire MyAdmin will maximize server security 

  • Administrative Control over IP Addresses.
  • Document and Edit Client Access
  • Firewall Inspection for Network Traffic

Conducting Security Audits
Using certified auditing aids like rkhunter, chkrootkit, Inetd etc.,

  • Scanning for IT Vulnerabilities 
  • Operations-based Analysis
  • Protection from Cyberattacks and breaches

SSH Hardening
Remotely access your server and files through SSH-hardened features

  • Encrypted Passwords for Secure Connections
  • Integration in Operating Systems
  • Symmetric Encryptions and Hashing Algorithms

Creating Privileges Based on Roles
 Improve access control of your applications and data

  • Configuring User Privileges and Roles
  • Reduced Management with User-based Roles
  • Bulk Edits with Role Privileges

Creating Strong User Password Policies
We will assist in creating and practicing strong user passwords.

  • Complex and AI-assisted Passwords.
  • Failed Attempt and Email password Scans
  • Compliance and Access Point Monitoring

System, OS, Network, and Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor your OS, Server, and established networks in real-time

  • Detecting Discrepancies and Fixing Patches
  • Securing Physical and Virtual Assets
  • Monitoring Server Health and Utility

Key Benefits

Server hardening and auditing might seem like a tedious process of attending to minute details and involving a lot of tools. Give us a chance and we will make the whole process hassle-free and quick. Reduce risk and optimize security through server hardening and audit, and we will also assist with complete auditing and configuration of existing systems

Reduced risk of data breaches
Enhanced performance and functionality
Prevention of unauthorized access
Customize ports and create secure user access
Keep a track of privacy compliance
Eliminate maximum security risks
Removal of non essential software
Monitoring and recording events
Why Hire myadmin?

Why Hire myadmin?

We are a team of well-equipped server experts who contribute our time and expertise to make the internet, hosting, and server platform accessible and user-friendly to people all over the world. We make server technology and other hosting technology platforms available to people all around the world. As a result, inter-networking will become more secure, quick, and efficient

Server Hardening/Audit Services
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