Dedicated Server/Bare MetalAn individual dedicated server solely for your organization with resources absolutely inclined towards you! Not only do we provide highly efficient dedicated servers but we also assist in configuring and managing them

Dedicated server configuration
Resource configuration and management
Business-based deployment
cPanel Installation
Server Hardening
Network and security configuration

Managed ServicesHosting | Server

HireMyAdmin thrives to be a one-stop shop for all IT resources and related services.We offer VDI/ RDP and VPS hosting along with dedicated hosting. Some of our services include network management, web/server migration, data center management, etc.


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Dedicated and Secure

Dedicated and Secure

With Hire MyAdmin, purchase dedicated/bare metal servers at low prices and have them customized around your operations. Gain complete root access for total administration control, DDoS protection against harmful attacks, and many more features. Experience high redundancy and uptime with unlimited bandwidth with round-the-clock support in every situation to ensure efficient performance

  • 100% root access
  • Installation and configuration
  • Server protection and monitoring
  • Control panel of choice

Dedicated Server/Bare Metal Services

Hire MyAdmin brings you the most cost-effective dedicated server that evolves with your business delivering the utmost performance and computing. Expand the versatility of your IT network and operations in a secured environment.  We will help you configure your Bare metal server with an OS and features that closely matches your operations

Installation of Operating System

 Configure with Windows, Linux, RedHat, Centos, and other available software

  • Configured to bring utmost performance. 
  • Installation and configuration at convenience. 
  • Set up multiple VMs

Management of Resources

Leave the hassle of managing the challenging server to us

  • Storage drives, RAM, and CPU included. 
  • Network cards and ports. 
  • Resource monitoring and upgrades.

Custom Configuration of Network and Storage Drives

Configured to deliver high uptimes, performance, and reduced latency

  • Operations- centric
  • Flexible and adaptable. 
  • Expandable when required. 

Solution Deployment Based on Requirement

Select and pay only  for services your business needs

  • Features packed around your business. 
  • Performance monitoring and analysis. 
  • Infrastructure development

Control Panel and Database Installation and configuration

Have complete administration and control of your server

  • Manage and monitor 24×7.
  • Configure cPanel and WHM plugins 
  • IP-based firewall safety.

Backup and Restoration

Save yourself from data loss and swiftly retrieve it in emergencies

  • Regular backup schedules
  • Physical and virtual options.
  • Support available for disaster recovery.

Server Optimization

Improve application performance, data processing, and consolidation

  • Virtualization, patch management, and ports. 
  • Database  optimization and management.
  • Firewall, spyware, and other installations.

Role and User Configuration

Make the data access more secure and authentic

  • Configure access settings. 
  • Determine and edit user-based privileges. 
  • Control access level and permissions

Firewall and Port Management

Advanced safety software to ensure asset protection

  • Virtual safety through Network security 
  • Firewall management and monitoring
  • DDoS protection, IP-based firewalls

Key Benefits

Regular monitoring of network speed, server health, cPanels, etc. is aimed at improving your server’s performance and security without any compromises. Get regular backups, server hardening/audit, patch management, and other features. All installations and configurations are handled by experienced engineers and a dedicated 24×7 technical team to solve queries and problems

100 % root access
Completely dedicated features
Data and web migration
Application and software set up
Server hardening
Server monitoring and analysis
Firewall and security management
24X7 customer support

Frequently Asked Questions

A dedicated server is nothing but a server where a user gets to use the server without sharing it with anyone else. It provides a premium quality hosting experience.

Yes, we provide effective and reliable managed dedicated hosting services having 99% of uptime. So, your business is not down for even a second. We are there to help you in case of any problem.

We provide billing panels to our clients’ cPanel dashboard area. So, you have the option to track the usage and the charges right from your account with just a few clicks.

We understand the importance of your data and this is why we provide you with the best backup and recovery services for dedicated hosting services. So, there is no problem of data on your servers getting corrupted.

Yes, if you are new to this thing and want help from our team, then we are there to help you set up the dedicated server configuration. We are available 24/7 to assist you.

How can we help you?

Feel free to contact us with any queries you may have. Our expert team is available to help you round the clock

Why Hire myadmin?

Why Hire myadmin?

Hire MyAdmin works diligently to give the clients top-notch service and results. We offer our clients regular analysis and reports and direct them towards improving their workflow, efficiency, and security. Leave the management tasks to us and stay goal-centric with your operations. We follow strict privacy policies and the clients are assured of no data loss and leaks

Dedicated Server / Bare Metal Services
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