Bare Metal to Bare Metal MigrationHire MyAdmin offers migration services from bare metal to bare metal while managing your organizational needs, server hardware, networking, and other infrastructure components. Get benefits of migration strategy services with our 24/7 migration support by experts.

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Hire MyAdmin is a great choice for web hosts who are looking out for bare metal virtual migration services at affordable prices. Our professional migration specialists will take care of your migration and allow you to focus more on business productivity instead of server management.


Bare Metal Migration

Starting @ $20 /-month

We offer complete migration from one bare metal server to another. It involves backup planning, movement of all your data and workload, migration of resources and applications, and setup and configuration on the new servers. We use cutting-edge technologies to ensure a seamless migration. 


Bare Metal Migration Support

We provide end-to-end bare metal migration support by our trained migration team who performs efficient migration without any downtime issues to ensure optimized business operations. We will give complete support using advanced migration tools with assured security and backup services. You can also opt for customized migration with reliable services as per your business and budget needs. 

  • Advanced and certified Migration
  • Unlimited support to fix the errors
  • Target bare metal server optimization
  • 24/7 availability to support migration

Bare Metal to Bare Metal Migration Services

Do you need a trusted and dependable migration platform for your website or web applications to migrate from bare metal to bare metal? Choose your suitable migration plan from Hire MyAdmin and gain the benefits like zero server downtime, data security and backup, email and database migration, and server optimization, in addition to 24/7 technical support.


We perform application migration from bare metal to bare metal. 

  • Complete server migration
  • Zero downtime
  • 24/7 support


Our experts will migrate your database smoothly without any errors. 

  • Database migration
  • Security and backup
  • Accounts Migration

Data Migration

We move all your business data ensuring zero data loss.

  • Data migration 
  • Firewall setup and installation
  • Server Monitoring

Website Optimization

Our specialists migrate your websites to the target bare metal server. 

  • Website management
  • Control Panel management
  • DNS configuration

Email Migration

We will migrate email accounts to the newer bare metal server.

  • Email migration
  • Data security
  • Maximum availability

User Migration

We enable the migration of user accounts between bare metal servers. 

  • Control panel setup and configuration
  • Bare metal server installation
  • Managed support

Key Benefits

We provide a wide range of migration plans and features for bare metal server migration. You can choose your required one and get access to smooth and reliable migration support from us. We are specialized in performing the migration effectively without any business interruptions. Our expert team offers 24/7 support for migration, maintenance, and server optimization.

Zero data loss
No server downtime
Remote 24/7 technical assistance
Expert migration support
Scheduled and Error-free migration services
DNS management for bare metal servers
Server administration and monitoring
Data protection with firewall configuration
Why Hire myadmin?

Why Hire myadmin?

Hire MyAdmin is one of the renowned migration service providers that has skilled migration specialists to provide excellent and hassle-free bare metal migration services. We use advanced and secured migration tools to move all your data, websites, or database systems from one bare metal to another bare metal with no issues. We assure security for your business-critical data against hacking or other cyber-attacks.

Bare metal to Bare Metal Migration Services
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