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Hire my admin is a renowned company that provides managed services for Linux servers and hosting to small and medium-sized businesses, large businesses, and startups. Our IT experts are available 24x7 to provide high-quality Linux support


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Linux Server Management Services

Linux Server Management Services

Server administration is an important part of every IT company’s infrastructure. It can be a tedious and time-consuming job but someone has to do it. We are here to help you with our comprehensive Linux server management services

  • 24 x 7 technical support
  • High-security infrastructure
  • Secure recovery and backup
  • Help desk management

Linux Services

The business servers need to be operational and up running around the clock, all throughout the week. They require regular maintenance and security checks without which they might go down or be jeopardized, causing inconvenience and data loss. To keep all these factors in check, Hire my admin brings you a complete package of various Linux server management services

Web Panel Installation

A web-based control panel to control server activities and functions

  • cPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, CentOS Setup 
  • Web panel optimization and configuration
  • Instant customer support

Server Hardening and Security Patch Updates

Bolstering the security of the servers along with server hardening

  •  Regular security patch updates
  •  SSH securing, FTP, PHP & TMP hardening
  •  Protection against malware and rootkits

Configuring and Managing Backups

Backups are extremely important to secure your sensitive company data

  • Data backup Scheduling
  • Backups on external storage
  • Shared network drive data backup & recovery 

Services Installation and Management

Linux servers have various services for easy management and functioning

  • Adding services
  • Management of installed services
  • DNS configuration

Server Setup, Configuration, and Optimization

A popular server based on the open-source Linux operating system

  • Server Installation 
  • Settings Configuration 
  • Need-based Optimization

Firewall Installation and Configuration

Firewalls regulate incoming and outgoing network traffic based on defined protocols

  • Securing the firewall
  • Configuring IP addresses
  • Domain name configuring

Installation of Required Packages

Required software packages installed that provide a wide range of functionalities

  • Installation of packages
  • Configuring them as per the system
  • Regular package updates

Efficient Monitoring and Auditing

Round-the-clock server monitoring and audits to defend against threats

  • Detailed server reports
  • Alerts on server condition
  • Server downtime risk Elimination

Management of Users and Groups

Manage the access of data to different users and groups

  • Granting privileges & permissions to users and groups
  • Addition and removal of users and groups
  • Permissions to create, view, or modify a file


Key Benefits

At Hire my admin, we provide affordable and reliable server management features for your Linux server. Our agile services will help your server work flawlessly and give you the best output. The key benefits of our services are:

Service level agreement
Constant support
Recovery and backup
Server hardening and audits
Web panel installation
Firewall setup
Groups and users management
Packages and services installation
Why Hire myadmin?

Why Hire myadmin?

We provide professional server administration services at reasonable prices. To deliver the best services, we have highly skilled and certified IT engineers. Our customer-friendly technical support team can clear all your queries within minutes. Experience continuous server uptime, quality server management, increased profits and business productivity with Hire my admin

Linux Services
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