Backup and MaintenanceIt’s essential to plan data management and backups for running a successful business. Opt for Hire myadmin server backup and maintenence services for better data storage and protection against data loss due to hardware or software failures

Backup and Maintenance
Solution based on Infrastructure
Storage Solution Deployment
Automated Backups
Encrypted backups for attack prevention
SQL & VMWare Backup & Recovery
Remote Server Monitoring

Managed ServicesHosting | Server

We perform data backup and recovery operations by deploying the storage solution into your IT infrastructure. These services are automated and monitored remotely to assure the security of your servers and restrict loss of your business-critical data


Backup & Maintenance

Starting @ $20 /-month

Our backup and maintenance service ensures that backups of your folders, files, hard drive content, or any other form of data is regularly and securely backed up online or as offsite storage. Our engineers see to it that backups align with the planned strategies.


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Data Backup & Recovery, Server Maintenance

If you’re looking for an effective data backup and recovery solution and maintain your servers to perform at robust speeds, your search ends here. We offer reliable backup services to restore your data whenever you need. Our dedicated team performs data backups and makes schedules on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis that also ensures data security

  • Data Security
  • Server Availability
  • Data Backups
  • Data Recovery

Backup and Maintenance services

Do you want to maintain your database or storage server securely? Choose our backup and maintenance services that guarantee zero downtime for your servers. We deploy effective storage solutions for data redundancy and perform or schedule automated backups for fata restoration. Our backup services are also available in SQL, VMware, and Hyper-V virtual lab servers to protect the data from malware or virus attacks

Deployment of Storage Solution

We integrate the storage solution into your business infrastructure

  • Adequate Data Storage 
  • Data Redundancy
  • Data Protection

Database Backup and Migration

Backup and data migration services for your database applications 

  • Database Backup & Migration 
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Reduced Server Downtime

Automated Backups, Backup Monitoring & Alerts

Get notified for security threats through automated backup and monitoring

  • Scheduled Backups
  • Data Protection
  • Remote Backup Monitoring 

Protection Against Virus Attacks

Keep your servers protected from viruses and malicious attacks

  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Regular Server Monitoring 
  • Cyber Threat Detection 

SQL Backup & Recovery

Safeguard your SQL server database with data backup and recovery

  • Minimized Data Loss Risk 
  • Security Against Hardware Failures
  • Restoring Data

VMware & Microsoft Hyper-V Backup & Recovery

Access VMware and Hyper-V servers

  • Seamless Server-backup Integration
  • Data Safety
  • Access to Virtual Machines & Virtual Lab

Key Benefits

Data backup and maintenance are important for businesses to have a secure archive of critical data. It allows you to restore the data quickly in case of any disaster. With the use of backup solutions, your servers will operate with 100% uptime and data security. They automatically block the viruses and aid smooth functioning of business applications

Data Security
Ease of Management
High-end Performance
Data Redundancy
Quick Data Accessibility
Data Loss Elimination
Unauthorized User Restriction
Business Continuity
Why Hire myadmin?

Why Hire myadmin?

We offer different data backup and maintenance plans, choose your preferred plan from those to meet your business and budget requirements. If you need a customized backup plan, you can immediately share your requirements with us and enjoy exclusive benefits of our backup and recovery services. Once your request for a backup plan is confirmed, our work immediately starts

Backup and Maintenance Services
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