Windows to Windows MigrationWe provide the finest server management services and website-related support. Our IT team is the best in the industry, specializing in Migration support for Windows along with 24/7 customer support & website support.

Windows to Windows Migration
Storage Solution Deployment
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SQL & VMWare Backup & Recovery
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We provide the finest server management services and website-related support. Our IT engineers are the best in the industry, specializing in windows to Windows Migration services along with 24/7 customer support.


Windows to Windows Migration

Starting @ $20 /-month

Hire MyAdmin has a high proportion of professional migration experts  who can do migration of the servers in real-time with no data loss and minimal downtime, and also issue a detailed migration report. You can use Hire MyAdmin to recommend a migration during any moment.

Migration Support for Windows

Migration Support for Windows

Transfer data between Windows servers with ease, consolidate file servers, or migrate data to a NAS/SAN device. Hire myadmin provides your organization with intuitive reporting so that you can manage even the most complex migration projects with ease. Securely, quickly, and automatically, migrate solution data, shares, printers, and more with Hire myadmin. There will be no impact on your end-users. Our support includes:

  • Recovery and backup tools
  • Windows hosting facility
  • 24 hour customer service
  • Security-related help

Windows to Windows Migration Services

The Windows to Windows migration service at Hire myadmin offers a graphical tool for inventorying data on Windows and transferring it to newer servers. Our Windows Migration service also allows you to transfer a server’s identity to the destination server so that apps and users can access their data without changing links or paths. 


Custom application services can help your business grow faster.

  • System consolidation and integration
  • Requirement and feasibility analysis
  • Support and maintenance

Database Migration

Migrate your database from server to server.

  • Widely used databases supported
  • Increased cost efficiency
  • Dependable and trustworthy

Data Migration

Migrate your data or website data quickly and efficiently.

  • A migrating process made easy
  • No interruption in migrating
  • Windows data backup

Website Optimization

Optimize your website for effective performance.

  • Visual media usage
  • Visual placement, style, and text
  • Website navigation organization

Email Migration

Email migration from hundreds of source providers around the world.

  • Fully secure migration service
  • Migration time reduced
  • Minimized downtime

User Migration

Migrate your user accounts from one to another in bulk.

  • Centralized Storage 
  • Enhanced security
  • Single sign-on enabled

Key Benefits

Our customers receive 24/7 technical support from Hire myadmin’s certified, qualified, and experienced system administrators. You can save time, money, and a lot more, thus directing your efforts in marketing your product. If you choose Hire myadmin, you can enjoy these benefits. Here at Hire myadmin, we’ve tried to assemble some of the most common advantages of a migration:

White Label Support
Affordable Services
24/7 Live Support
Service Level Agreement
Client Security
Deployment and Operational Speed
Backup and Recovery Options
Scalable Support Plans
Why Hire myadmin?

Why Hire myadmin?

Our customer service team is available to our clients 24/7. They can contact us at any time, and get immediate responses to their inquiries. Hire myadmin intends to provide server management and migration services of the highest quality for complete customer satisfaction. At Hire myadmin, the IT experts solve all your migration-related problems in no time.

Windows to Windows Migration Services
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