Server MigrationWe are a premium server management firm that provides secure and quick server migration services. As server downtime can cause a loss in profits, our IT specialists can migrate your server without affecting the daily business operations

Server Migration
Server Migration
Server Management and Monitoring
Research and Planning
After Migration Data Re-sync
No data loss
Control panel installation and setup

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At Hire MyAdmin, we work around the clock to provide high-quality server migration services to a wide range of businesses including small and medium-sized businesses, large enterprises, and startups. The process will be secure and no data will be lost


Server Migration

Starting @ $20 /-month

Hire MyAdmin has a high proportion of professional migration experts  who can do migration of the servers in real-time with no data loss and minimal downtime, and also issue a detailed migration report. You can use Hire MyAdmin to recommend a migration during any moment.

Server Migration Features

Server Migration Features

Server migration is a process in which data is transferred from one server to the other. The migration of crucial business data from one server to another is a complex operation that requires strategic planning and execution. Our experts will enable the most effective server migration for you. We provide:

  • Zero data loss migration
  • Real-time process
  • Data Re-sync
  • 24/7 server migration helpdesk

Server Migration Services

 We can assist you in overcoming all of the obstacles associated with the server migration process and help you achieve swift data migration with zero data loss and negligible downtime. Our migration services are developed with careful and detailed planning and blueprint with strict security measures and standards that guarantee secure and on-time deployment of your new servers

Server to Server Migration

 The data transfer takes place from one server to another in real time without risking data loss

  • Data migration from one server to other server
  • Service risk mitigation
  • Data transfer without risking data loss

Transferring Server Essentials

With Hire myadmin, you can simply and easily get the server to server migration done by our professional IT team

  • High level of accuracy
  • Integration including apps and hosted services
  • Remote access

Data Transfer with Zero Data Loss

Hire myadmin is a trustworthy and reputable company that offers data transfer services between different servers in real-time

  • Hyper-V Offloaded Data Transfer
  • Virtual drives using VHDX
  •  Highly Scalable

Hypervisor Migration

Our service supports VMware, vMotion, LDoms, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix and other hypervisor products’ migration

  • Efficient load balancing
  • Security updates
  • Live migration

Migration of Websites and Apps

Hire myadmin provides secure website migration and enterprise applications for all types of businesses 

  • Complete migration
  • Enhanced service
  • Transition without pause

Minimal Downtime

We offer a timely data transfer service with minimal downtime for every business

  • A higher level of computing efficiency
  • Management processes supervision
  • Minimal downtime

Key Benefits

Whatever may be the reason for migrating your servers, someone has to make sure that it is performed efficiently and calculatedly without obstructing the daily business routine and without the risk of data loss. That is where Hire MyAdmin comes in. Under our exclusive server migration services, you can get lots of benefits

Service level agreement
24 x 7 support
Manual migration
Detailed migration report
Zero Data Loss
Real-time operation
Minimal downtime
Cost-effective pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provide support post migration so that your server and website run efficiently and serve your business needs. We also offer 24/7 tech support to help with you any issues you encounter later.

Loss of data, limited bandwidth, and server downtime are the main issues that are initiating the businesses to migrate. Hire MyAdmin assures you to provide you with 99% server uptime and greater bandwidth.

Yes! Our team serves you data migration without any loss of data. You can get data migration services in real-time. Our data migration service is highly scalable, we use virtual drives using VHDX.

After the process of migration is completed, our team will send a detailed report about your migration through email. This will help you understand each step we followed for migration and data backup.

No, there are no extra charges for a POC before migration. A POC, rather, will help to plan an effective migration and save on unnecessary costs.

How can we help you?

Feel free to contact us with any queries you may have. Our expert team is available to help you round the clock

Why hire my admin

Why Hire myadmin?

Nowadays, there are various firms that offer server migration services. Some of them might be too pricey, while others might not offer reliable services. To provide a solution to this problem, Hire MyAdmin provides server migration services wherein we perform complete server migration while safeguarding your precious business data. Our services are available at reasonable costs

Server Migration Services
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