SSH: Could Not Resolve Hostname: no such host is known – Quick Resolution

If you are an admin, many times, you will get the error SSH could not resolve hostname when you’re trying to use the SSH. Most commonly, the error is caused due to the lack of network connectivity. You should make sure that you’re connecting to a strong network that does not cause any disruptions. In some cases, this error also happens due to command line typing mistakes, leading to wrong prompts, and hence the error. You have to check for typographical errors once you make sure that a solid connection is enabled. The SSH software ensures that you’re connecting to the right resources while it chooses the presentation of information. 


How to fix the error SSH could not resolve hostname or service not known?

We have an expert support team with dedicated engineers, who will fix this SSH error for you if you are not able to resolve it. They will check in detail and follow one of the below methods to resolve the error. 

Method 1: 

The hostname command might become malformed when you didn’t type it correctly, like s sh or ss h rather than using ssh. However, the commands expect to be considered as ssh user@NAME. While using ssh over the terminal, we will operate as a user. The Red Hat Enterprise-based Ubuntu or Linux servers can be used as a virtual console by users because they don’t require graphical user interfaces. We have to log into the terminal prior to proceeding towards further steps.  

The ssh code is issued once we get prompted and ensure that it should be in the earlier format. If a hostname connects to the network, ssh root@myPlace could be used. When we’re connecting to the IP address directly, use the command ssh root@##.#.#.## that replaces the octothorpe symbols with numbers. 

Method 2: 

The hostname issues can also be caused due to any damages that occur to the /etc/hosts file. Root access will be required to open these host files. We will ensure that we’ve read and written access to the host’s file and add the hostname as:    localhost    HostName

After making changes, save the file and make sure that it should close immediately. Now, try out the ssh command as mentioned in the first method. We will restart the machine if it is still facing issues with the SSH could not resolve hostname error. So, using these methods, we can fix the ssh error that may occur either due to wrong configuration or connectivity issues.