Quick Fixing of the “Error 1062 in MySQL Servers and Clusters”

Sometimes you may see the MySQL error 1062 whenever you fail to update, restore or replicate the databases properly. There are different ways by which you can handle this problem and you have to follow some specific ways to fix the error. Here, we are going to talk about the different ways by which you can handle the error for duplicate entry in the MySQL cluster.


What is MySQL error 1062?

If it cannot execute the row creation in any table in the database, then the duplicate entries get into the picture and a 1062 error takes place. The above-said error comes whenever your MySQL database will find some duplicate rows to be inserted. There are four major reasons for getting this error.


  •       If a web application contains a bug that can add the primary key with some large increments and exhaust the field limit.
  •       If any field is reinserted by the MySQL cluster replication method.
  •       If a database has dump files that have duplicate entry values for some previous error in coding.
  •       The index table of the MySQL database has so many duplicate rows in the tables.

If any of these things take place in the MySQL server, there is a high chance that you will get MySQL error 1062.

How to fix the error?

 Now the next question that will come to your mind is how you are going to fix this error. There are different reasons for getting this error and that is why you have to take up the solution accordingly. All the solutions related to the specific reasons for the error are given below.

 Broken wave application

 If you are getting the MySQL error 1062 because of the broken web application then you have to keep the primary field you need for all the users. You should update the table with a unique primary key and set the increment as the automatic system. It will help the table to get updated as only one unit greater than the previous value and that can avoid the chance of a duplicate entry.

Error in a web application

 In this case, a new column or field can be created with the system of auto-increment. After that, it is assigned to be the primary key and that is why the table is altered according to the automatic incremental system. It will help you to fill the fields with sequential values and all the queries will be the same. It is the best way by which you can remove the error in the web application.

 The replication error 

If you see that the database is giving a duplicate entry error, most likely, you should delete a row so that you can solve the problem faster. Otherwise, you can also skip the row by using some specific commands. It will help the database to consider the table by skipping the duplicate row and then you will not get MySQL error 1062.

Restoration errors 

If you are going to fix the restoration error in MySQL, then, first of all, you have to check whether the dump files have any duplicate entry values. You also have to check the index file to find out the duplicity in the row values. After taking into account both the possibilities, you can alter the table column name and set it as the auto-increment system. Even if you see that your file is corrupted, you need to follow these steps only to get the best result in the restoration issue.

 Sometimes, it is quite tough to handle MySQL error 1062. If you check out all the steps carefully then you will be able to solve it quite efficiently. Other than that, you can contact the professional people who will be happy to help you with all their expertise to remove the duplicate entry error in your SQL database. They will consult with you about the type of solution you need and then only they will arrange for the best solution.