How to resolve MySQL ‘1146 table doesn’t exist’ errors in your server

MySQL is a relational database that consists of tables that store data within them so that content for any website can be provided properly. However, this data could be accessed and modified in different methods and it isn’t required to change the order of tables for the same.


Isn’t it amazing? However, corruption or mishandling of the data can result in errors. These days, 1146 table doesn’t exist phpmyadmin problem is occurring very often. This is why we are here to discuss its causes and solution. If you are also getting to see this type of problem in your system, then please keep following till the end.

As you might know, MySQL is used commonly for Linux hosting and handling the databases and resolving the errors that come with it. So, it is such a common task that we perform.

Causes of MySQL error code 1146

1- InnoDB Crash

Sometimes InnoDB server gets crashed because of the processing load or user abuse. It might be possible that the server was not restarted properly so it results in getting corrupted and then creating table errors.

2- Ibdata file in the MySQL datadir is not present

InnoDB contains a data dictionary which is named ibdata file and log files. Now, these are crucial for InnoDB functioning. While migration or restoration, if these files go missing, it can stop InnoDB tables from working then it creates a MySQL table that doesn’t exist for the system.

3- Improper placement of .frm files

The “.frm” files in InnoDB define the format of the table. If in any case these files get deleted or go missing to copy to the proper database directory then these tables can show an error.

4- Improper directory accessing permission causes MySQL 1146

So, MySQL has a data storage system where it has the storage of all the databases. However, most of the time the path is seen to be ‘/var/lib/mysql’.

If the ownership and access permission are not configured properly, then MySQL is not able to access this directory path.

So, these were some of the causes of the 1146 table doesn’t exist a problem with your system. So, now let’s move forward to know about its solution.

Easy fixing of MySQL error

1- Try to Backup restore

When you are trying to fix the SQL error 1146, you need to try restoring the database backup and then check if the tables get in working condition. It is recommended to maintain and configure the backups for the server and even keep them up to date. Make sure that there is downtime or data loss because of unexpected crashes or errors.

2- Copy ibdata file

To solve the issue of MySQL error 1146 for your system, try this tip. In case the ‘ibdata’ file goes missing, then it is needed to copy it from the backup and then restore it to the data directory location. It’s done after you discard the tablespace to avoid any corruption or errors.

3- Restart the server

The other method to try and solve Error code 1146 is to restart the server. If you notice any improper server shutdown then you need to restart the server. It is possible to make it work and even remove the error code.

This helps the user to access MySQL without any problem.

4- InnoDB crash recovery

To solve the Error 1146 MySQL workbench issues check if the ibdata file is corrupted or the backup is incomplete. Even then, you can recover tables through crash recovery methods. This method works best to solve this issue.

5- Use third-party tools

When you have gone through all of the above procedures and are still facing the issue then try this. If you are still facing the Mariadb table “mysql.db” doesn’t exist then don’t hesitate to use a third-party tool. You can find plenty of third-party tools to solve this problem. It will help you to recover corrupted tables and even fix this error as well.

So these were some of the methods that can solve the MySQL table that doesn’t exist error quickly and easily. Do tell us about your experience with these solutions.