is not responding warning message – How we will resolve it

Does the email client display the error warning: is not responding?

Mail clients choose to utilize the best, most reliable, and easy mail apps available, such as Apple Mail, Outlook, and others.

Most of the users, although, have commonly encountered an error warning that is not responding on the user’s devices.

In our Server Management Services, we frequently receive user requests to fix the problem warning is not responding. Let’s have a glance at how the support expert team handled the situation today.

What are the causes of the error message?

This warning or error is commonly caused by incorrect mail setup or small issues with the mail server or connection to the internet. This issue also may occur when the users receive emails on their email client.

With the Email client, clients may see the following results: is not responding – Error message Fixing

We often see our clients at Hire myadmin experiencing email server issues, we have over 10 years of experience in managing and resolving such issues along with server management.

Let’s have a look at the most common causes of IMAP errors as well as how the support team can help you resolve these. 

Error in the mail client

This issue can often be caused by a bug inside the Mail app directly. When a mail client mentioned parameters and components while running, and either of those gets corrupted, the app will produce a variety of strange issues, such as the error glitch in question.

As a solution, our support team advises clients to immediately close the app. The problem may be resolved by forcing  email client to close & reopen

Furthermore, the mail client could have an issue and be unable to connect to Google’s IMAP servers for multiple reasons. The OS must then be updated to the most recent version.

Especially for iOS users, Apple had published an exceptional update to fix errors with the mail client. So, ensure that your email clients remain updated.

Start by removing the email account and re-adding it

One of our clients recently encountered an issue with his iOS app. “The mail server is not responding,” he got this warning message. Ensure that its account information in the email settings is valid.”

For this, our support team recommends that our users resolve the issue by following the instructions listed below.

  1. First, head to Settings and navigate to the passwords and accounts individual cell.
  2. Next, choose the mail account that is causing the problem and navigate to Mail, select Contacts, and then select Calendars, choose Mail account, and Delete the  Account.
  3. Click the button: Add Account once more to add this to the Email app.
  4. Finally, pick an email service supplier from the log and list enter the password and username to start receiving e – mails once more.

That’s all.

SSL Settings that are incorrect

Another user had similar issues receiving the emails. He was unable to receive the emails and also received the error warning that isn’t responding.

This issue is often caused by an SSL error that is missing from the account. Users may allow SSL instead of installing it inside the server at times. The mail account had been unable to post a mail as it was unable to establish a safe connection.

The issue can be fixed by making adjustments to the settings of SSL inside mail client, such as the SSL authentication options and port.

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In brief, a warning message that is not responding arises as a result of incorrect email settings as well as minor issues with an internet connection or email server.  You have seen here how our expert team helped our website users resolve the issue.